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-possible_to_add_the_parameter_set_dir.aspx Only_you: wilee-nilee: i have tried to install ubuntu 13.04 and 14.04 from usb media. also try to install 14.04.1 and 14.10. But i am unable to install ubuntu. Abhijit: could you run it there? hitsujiTMO: thanks a lot! k1l_, yes i can abhijit: i dont see any reason why that should break. i just dont understand where can i find that. as in where i can find that abhijit: what does "groups" say? when i run apt-get upgrade it goes to installing linux kernel upgrade but it fails and says it is holding back linux-generic and linux-headers-generic-lts-vivid Can anyone recommend me a mirror for ubuntu 14.04 LTS. k1l_, ok. thanks Abhijit: type groups in a terminal. and put the output in a pastebin using a network... done i tried to get the headers and i used the same apt-get upgrade command and it didnt work output : abhijit adm cdrom sudo dip plugdev lpadmin sambashare Lurch21: how about your own mirror ? its a slower connection and higher latency ok, you need



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AutoTuneEFX2crackrar barlev

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