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Jesus Sees You

Story Time! (I encourage everyone to read this.)

About 3 weeks ago, the week before I decided to resign from my job position, I was not doing well. It was around 9pm on a Tuesday night and I was believing every lie that was thrown at me, which led to a mental breakdown. I was crying uncontrollably because I felt that life at the point was way too much for me to carry. I was confused on what to do about my job and feared for the future. I have resigned from jobs before, but always with another one lined up or a next step. This time I had nothing.

I was praying for widom and discernment; but also just for help, peace, and provision. I was asking the Lord if he even hears me because only 2 months previously I was in the same spot; wanting to quit my job and also job searching at the same time. I was feeling as if I was just placing more burdens on the Lord and he doesn't actually care. One of the lies that I was believing. That night, I ended up crying myself to sleep.

One thing you should know about me is that I do not cry. Hardly. Ever. I am definitely one to push down my feelings thinking they'll just disappear, but in the long run that does absolutely nothing and eventually comes up in some form- whether a panic attack or mental breakdown. Before I fell asleep, I ended up texting a friend that I was struggling and I asked if she would pray for me.

Fast forward 2 days. It was a Thursday morning around 10am. I just got done leading a group session and one of my clients comes over to me. This is a client that honestly I never saw myself talking to about anything personal. She is super sweet but very strong-willed and might've been a little intimidating at times. (C, if you're reading this, I love you.) She randomly asked me where I was on Tuesday night so I told her sitting in my bedroom. She proceeded to tell me that she was at church for a youth group gathering and as they were closing out the night, there was a girl up front speaking who said, "I feel like there is someone named Destiny that needs prayer." She immediately thought of me and wasn't sure if there was something going on that she could be praying for me about.

I was confused but quite rather speechless so I asked her what time that was at and she said around 9pm. Now, I should preface that I have always been skeptical of people that claim they can profecy so I asked a few more questions and then I told her that I was struggling at that time. Remember when I texted my friend? I looked back at my messages and it was 9pm when I sent that text. She got tears in her eyes, gave me some advice and invited me to church with her that next Sunday.

That same day I was at my gym training a client who happened to be the friend that I texted on Tuesday night. So I told her about the scenario and she was amazed. She goes, "Destiny, do you know what this means? God sees you." At that point I was still in disbelief and to be honest I'm struggling with it to this day, but I agreed with everything she said. But no, she is right. Jesus sees me. Jesus sees YOU. I have had some time to think this whole situation over and that was not a coincidence. I don't believe in coincidences. Jesus was straight up telling me that he not only hears me, but sees me. I was also at a very good place in my relationship with the Lord. I was still struggling, but he was and is continuing to show me that he is right there all along.

These are the moments that build faith. Others can too, but this is the moment that I can look back on when I am walking through darkness and confirm that God's light is still here. Always.

I always heard stories of these moments happening, but I never expected it to happen to me. But it did. And it can happen to you too. Don't be afraid to ask God for what you want him to show you. But then be looking for it. He might not reveal it to you in the way that you expect.

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